Is Cloud connection required for the Electron?

Hello all.

I am running on my electron an application that sends data to my own server using UDP messages. Apart from two episodes of the device going into listening mode after a deep sleep -I have to investigate and solve it- the application is running smoothly during more than two weeks by now.

My question, and sorry for the long introduction, is if in this case, where I interact only with my own server, the connection to the cloud is required at all or I can simply put the system into manual mode and do not worry about cloud connection. I am using particles SIM for the 2G connection.

Thank you very much for your help.

Nope, you won’t need the Particle cloud for this.

But you’ll lose possibility to OTA update and of course use any of the Particle.xxxx() functions, including the Particle.syncTime() which should be called once in a while to resync the RTC - unless you’ve got your own way of doing that.

But MANUAL mode would not perform Cellular.on() (I think :blush:) and Cellular.connect() (I’m sure about that ;-)) - you have to care for that yourself then.


Thank you for your fast answer, ScruffR. My application manages Cellullar.on(), connect() and off() so it is not a problem. And regarding the RTC, I only need to deep sleep for a known, non accurate, amount of minutes so I think it will not be a problem.

Thank you again.

If you are not using any Time functions in your code (e.g. for timestamping sensor data) the RTC divergence will not be an issue (independent of sleep or wake time), but if you are using the on-board RTC you need to be aware of the fact that it will get out of sync.

Again, thank you very much. All my concerns are solved :slight_smile:

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