IoBridge refugee


I was referred to the Spark Core by a IoBridge store link: Are there any projects or firmware that a not so code savvy person can start with to get something similar going on with the Spark core?

Thank You !

Eric B

Welcome @hermanrock to Spark Community!. You came to a wonderful community.

To start with Spark Core, you can go through the examples and docs. The example provided are simple to use and for beginner to advanced level. This community will always be there to help to get started.


Take a look at this topic:
Or search for “thingspeak” using the search function on the forum.
The tutorial section also contains some very useful guides on how to use most of the Spark’s functionalities. Let’s us know if you need any more help.


Hi @hermanrock

There is a lot of good information on Spark and Thingspeak over in this thread:

Bottom line: it basically works but the reliability is not 100% yet. I think that Photo (the new core 2.0 if you will) will greatly improve the reliability.

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Thanks for a starting point. This looks like it will take some time to tinker with, I had it easy using the IoBridge stuff !