Introducing our new firmware library manager!


Not meaning to rain on your parade, but the web-IDE version of the library manager is not very friendly. It needs some kind of classification system, or filter system in order to narrow down the list when looking to see if theres something useful in there. Adding simple tags like software , hardware, networking, display, temperature, signalling etc would be very helpful, especially when the library titles are not especially meaningful. With ~380 libraries, having wade through the whole lot looking for that gem you need seems rather stupid. Also - why are there no descriptions of what each library does? Its there in the screenshot in the OP, where is it in the web-IDE?


If you click on a library you’ll get more info about that library (as long the contributor has provided such info)

But a categorization would be good, as long contributors populate the category field of in a meaningful way - which currently is not the case for all of them, since it’s not demanded by the libraries validation process.
And hence I’ve created a GitHub issue for that point


Thanks for the feedback, @twospoons! It is much appreciated.


Ah thanks, didn’t spot the ‘extra info’ button. Would be nicer if that was also on the front page next to each entry in the list of libraries.


Do you have an ETA on the fix?



I am trying to add a library using the CLI but get the following error:

$ particle library add InternetButton
Error: Project or library not found in directory “my_current_directory”

Do I have to download the libraries from somewhere ?



Have you first created the new project with particle project create?

To add a v2.0 library to a project, this project needs to be v2.0 too.

// ---------- without a v2.0 project ----------
C:\tmp\test>particle library add internetbutton
Project or library not found in directory C:\tmp\test

// ----------   with a v2.0 project   ----------
C:\tmp\test>particle project create
What would you like to call your project? [myproject]:
Would you like to create your project in the default project directory? [Y/n]: n
Would you like to create your project in C:\tmp\test? Type "n" to cancel. [Y/n]:
Initializing project in directory C:\tmp\test\myproject...
> A new project has been initialized in directory C:\tmp\test\myproject

C:\tmp\test>cd myproject

C:\tmp\test\myproject>particle library add internetbutton
> Library InternetButton 0.1.11 has been added to the project.
> To get started using this library, run particle library view InternetButton to view the library documentation and sources.


RA8875 library working on Photon

Thanks! That was it!


Is there a plan to fix the legacy library removal bug? :cry:


Hey there! Can you clarify what you mean by the legacy library removal bug?


@will, we had compained about this already when Libs v2.0 got first introduced.

Web IDE projects that already contain a legacy library cannot be updated to use v2.0 libraries since there is no way to remove the legacy lib from the project to reimport the v2.0 lib.
That is really annoying, since currently the only way around that is to clone the entire project.

After the close due to “Wrong repo”


Thanks for clarifying. Unless I’m misreading the comments, this looks like a simple UI styling issue for the Web IDE. I’ll make sure that one of our engineers jumps on this first thing next week. The individual I have in mind for the job is on vacation but will be back next week.


How’s the Web IDE fix going?


Seems to be fixed now, thanks.


Yes, sorry for not looping back! Please let me know if you run into a frustrating bug that I can help to escalate internally.