Interfacing with the net

I am considering buying the Spark core. However, before I do, I wanted to make sure that I can do a couple of things with the unit and that I won’t have to buy additional shields to do so.

Can I send an email from the Spark Core programmatically?

Also, can I make an http / https call from the Spark core programmatically?

You can send an email from the Spark Core programmatically by using a mail service like Mailgun that has an API, and then linking the Core to the Mailgun API.

You can make an HTTP call from the Spark Core, but not HTTPS; however we will soon be adding the capability to publish an event from the Spark Core, which will facilitate sending messages to other API services. In the meantime, you could hit an HTTPS server by running your own application that takes HTTP requests from the Core and creates the necessary HTTPS request that you want to achieve.

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It would be very helpful for you guys to provide an example of this. I am sure that tons of folks will want to send email from the Spark Core.