Instrumentation Amp help needed please

I have a full bridge FSR that outputs 2mV/V, I’ve looked at the SparkFun load cell amp breakout and it appears to me that it won’t scale to meet my needs (not enough gain) so I have to make my own (could be wrong here). This is actually for a Bluz but on the only difference is a 10-Bit ADC vs 12-Bit. I would like to use the 3v3* as the Reference/Excitation voltage which gives me 6.6mv (gain of 500 needed, 495 achieved with 100ohm resistor) to scale across 1024 steps. The max load is 20lbs so if 20lbs = 3.3v from the vOut of the amp each step of the ADC would represent 0.01953125 lbs or .3 ounces per step…right? I have been looking at the AD8226 for an IC amp to put on a custom board. Do I need additional filtering or is an amp even the right direction, perhaps I need a high resolution ADC as well? I am really after weight to the ounce so even though the ADC isn’t high resolution it looks like it will fit the bill.

I am open to any and all alternatives!

FSR Datasheet: (LCL-020 is what I have)
AD8226 Datasheet: