.ino conventions: #include "LibraryName.h" vs. <LibraryName.h>

What is the proper way to include libraries when using the web IDE?

The include syntax in some libraries is with angle brackets, such as

#include <TinyGPS++/TinyGPS++.h>


#include "TinyGPS++/TinyGPS++.h"

For instance, the BasicExample.ino example code from the TinyGPS++ library uses angles as above. If I select this library in the web Build IDE and click the “USE THIS EXAMPLE” button, the library is included in a new project along with the source code of the BasicExample.ino file (which is the first tab in the library view and selected by default).

But the code won’t compile because the #include syntax is wrong. It works when switched to quotes.

Why does the source code of the example file use the incorrect syntax? Apologies if this has been discussed already, I couldn’t find canonical thread.

Same issue mentioned over here TinyGPS and Spark Core

There’s no other reason other than the person who imported it used the incorrect <>

There is a distinct difference in these two notations for include:

So the <...> is plain out wrong for “private” includes.

With that said, i tried out the example from the library and managed to compile successfully… Can you try create a new app with the example and try again?

Have sent in a PR to fix this just to be 100% clear(er): https://github.com/codegardenllc/tiny_gps_plus/pull/2