Industrial Ultrasonic Sensor to Measure Liquid Height inside Storage Tank


I am looking for industrial ultrasonic sensor that can be used with Particle.

It will be used to measure the liquid height inside storage tank.
Tank is 15 meter high and the diameter is 24 meter.
Each silo can contain up to 20 ton of 60° C vegetable oil.

Can anyone point me to which industrial ultrasonic sensor that is suitable for this project?
I just emailed MaxBotix. Any other suppliers that I should check out?

Thank you.



What kind of resolution are you looking for and does it have to be ultrasonic? The more information, the better.


The resolution should be in millimeter (preferred).
If the sensor is too expensive, then accuracy per 0.5 cm is acceptable.

And it doesn’t have to be ultrasonic.

I have googled and most result are using ultrasonic sensor mounted on top the tank pointing downward.


I used to work here some years ago. They make the devices your talking about. Very accurate, and they are also able to not only report the oil level, but any water underneath it as well.


Thanks for the link. I have emailed them.
But it seems like they are selling the whole system, not just sensor?
Anyway, waiting for their reply.


Now if they could only make a sensor that accurately detects the “Black” water level in my camper. (They always read full) …:smile: