Increasing the json packet character limit

Hi, I’m developing using particle photon where I am sending data using json packets. I have created a staticJsonBuffer object with a size of 800 bytes and have defined values in it. However, after the data is pushed, it only sends a max of 255 characters over the cloud. Due to this, some of my data is getting lost. Is there any method to increase the character limit?

This would suggest you are not using the most recent device OS version (currently 1.0.1).
But even with 1.0.1 the maximum number of characters that can be sent is documented as 622 and there is no way for a user to increase that limit.

Yes, I am using the 0.6.2.rc version because all of my infra was built on that and migrating to the newer version is creating issues. I was hoping I could increase the character limit but it doesn’t seems to be the case.

Thanks anyway.