Ideas for reducing Electron run-time power consumption

Currently I’m working on a project that uses a Particle Electron, and for this particular application optimizing power consumption is a big deal since it will be powered with a battery. A common method that I have seen for lowering power consumption is to slow down the processor clock if processing power isn’t an issue.

I was hoping to find a tutorial similar to the one located here: Reducing Photon run-time power consumption (HOWTO) for the Electron. Perhaps I couldn’t find one because the Electron uses an ARM processor?

I would love to hear suggestions and insights from the Particle community.

The controller on the Photon and the Electron is exactly the same.

There are methods to put the Electron into sleep modes and keeping it from operating when the battery is below a certain SOC level to prevent brownout issues that could occur. Just depends on your specific needs.

@RWB, I think @warnedar wants to reduce power consumption while staying actively connected to the cloud and that is not possible in any of the sleep modes but only with these extra steps to employ some of the other power saving mechanisms of the controller - which haven’t yet, but will find their way into the system eventually.
One other thing for the Electron is to investigate the power-saving capabilities of the ubox module.