i2c problem with photon running 0.4.3

I am having a i2c problem with the Photon (running 0.4.3). I do not have the problem with the Core modules.

After a random amount of time (a few minutes to several hours), the Photon will stop successfully reading from an i2c device. I have tried multiple i2c devices and multiple photons. I have pull-ups on the i2c pins.

Here is a simple program that shows the problem. It just does an i2c read over and over, and eventually the photon stops sending out the i2c read request. I only have one i2c device connected (MCP9808 temp sensor, but the problem occurs with other i2c parts too).

// i2c test program
void setup() {

    Wire.beginTransmission(0x18);      // write to i2c address 0x18
    Wire.write(0x06);                  // read from register 0x06

void loop() {

    Wire.requestFrom(0x18, 2);    // request 2 bytes from i2c address 0x18

    delay(1);      // wait for chip to send data

    if (Wire.available() < 2) {       // display error if 2 bytes are not available
        Serial.println("Error: data not available!");
//	    Wire.begin();      // this will reset the i2c into working again
    else {
        Wire.read();                 // read the 1st byte (it is always 0)
        Serial.println(Wire.read()); // display the 2nd byte (0x54)

Here is the logic analyzer display when the read is working correctly:

Here is the display after it stops working. Note that there is only the one SCL and SDA pulse. The read request with the i2c address is never sent out.

There’s an attempt to fix it here but not 100% verified so if you want to try: https://github.com/spark/firmware/commit/09dd8096774c74b6680ddb47b39fc21134df49a8

I2C is fixed in the latest release. https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases/

Thank you… Version 0.4.4 solved this i2c problem for me.

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