I2C problem showed up after reflashing the same firmware

Hello guys,

Did you recently changed something about I2C operating on Spark Core?

After reflashing the exactly same firmware, my Spark Core failed to operate any I2C device that worked and still be working on Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

I made no changes on the wiring & it looks like D0 & D1 pins are working just fine (for read & write operations).

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Hi @dorinelfilip

Please see this thread

This is fixed but the fix has not made it to the web IDE yet. If you build your code locally you can use the fixed code.


I have fixed it by marging the last firmware (https://github.com/spark/firmware) with an older wiring_i2c.cpp implementation (from Spark firmware v0.3.2 - https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases/tag/spark_9).

Spark Core guys are preparing a bug fix that will be released at the end of theirs current sprint (probably by 15th of October).