I2c on photon is occupied by i2c lcd how should I add pms7003 dust sensor?

my particle photon is conected to i2c lcd , now i wanted to add plantower pms7003 dust sensor . Does any one ave any idea how can I achieve adding pms7003 to particle photon?

can I use A4 and A5 ? if D0 and D1 are occupied ?

I2C is an addressable bus - you can have multiple devices on the same bus as long their addresses don’t collide.

Do you know / share script to find out i2c address of this pms 7003 sensor ? I believe I would have to upload to photon with pms7003 connected.

You can use this

That sensor does not appear to be i2c, but 9600 TTL serial.

You can connect that directly to the photon’s serial port, Rx to Tx and Tx to Rx.

No worries i got it working