I2c display pre wired for connection

Does anyone know of an i2c display, 3-4 inch, pre wired to plug into a controleverything.com i2c port? I’d like to use it in a product but everything I’ve come across either needs to have wired soldered on or has a ribbon cable that doesn’t match.

I’m not sure, but don’t ControlEverything use Grove connectoers?
Maybe googling for Grove displays might bring up something.

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They sell also I2C connected Displays in there shop.

@Postler those are just 7 segment displays, I’m looking for a 3-4" LCD, tft, or similar display for multiple lines at once.

@ScruffR I looked at the grove connectors, they look close, as they are 4 wire connectors but the pin spacing looks smaller, I’ll have to see if I can get more information.

I suggest you involved user RWB (RyanB) - he has a collection of good hw-suppliers on his hand.

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@RWB postler thought you may have some insight here.

Most 3-4" LCD displays will not run off i2c bus but will work via communicating with your microcontroller over the UART Serial TX / RX lines.

So your not going to tie the larger color LCD’s into the i2c BUS.

If your looking for the OLED or monochrome LCD displays then maybe you can get them with i2c bus communication and if that’s the case then you can just splice that same i2c connector they use onto the LCD display to get the look your desiring.

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