I2C and UART communication

I have to program a smart LED over I2C. I am new to the photon. I was wondering if there is sample code and also libraries that I can get to do this.
I also need to have the photon communicate with another micro controller over serial com using the photon UART port. I was also wondering if there exist sample code and libraries for this.

Thank you

You’d need to tell what “smart LED” you are talking about, there are some smart LED libraries available.

For UART communication it’s similar. What does your other µC support? Is there a predefined protocol you plan on using? …

this is the LED i am using from sparkfun:

and i am trying to communicate with a STM2F407 via serial. We have written down some basic commands but we are open to change it if there are better options. we are just starting so i want to investigate the best option

so i found this for the I2C as an example, haven’t tried it yet though:

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