Huge data consumption by electron even on standby mode

I am having my particle gather sensor data for about 7 seconds. Then after publishing the data to the cloud, I am putting the electron to stop mode standby sleep for ~10 minutes. When my electron wakes from stop mode standby it goes straight to breathing cyan. I thought this would save data because I don’t have to reconnect after waking up each time. Instead, here’s what I’ve observed:

  • In the first 40 minutes (5 publishes), my data consumption jumped from 4.69 to 4.75 MB. Isn’t that a bit high?
  • After each publish, my device also does a handshake (as seen on the console), aka every 10 minutes. Since in standby the particle should maintain a connection to cellular, why is it handshaking after every publish?

I am using the google maps device locator, which might be consuming a lot of data? But besides that I don’t know what else might be eating up my data…?


You should insert this code at the top of your source file:

SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_TRACE);

and monitor the USB serial debug output. Since you’re sleeping, you’ll probably want to use:

particle serial monitor --follow

so it will reconnect the USB serial port.

That will show whether it’s doing a full handshake, session resume, or just continuing on with no data usage.