HTTPS server w/SoftAP

I’m trying to get the softAP web server to use the https version of the daemon. I modified the softap.cpp in the photon hal to start the https variant. I also included a generated x509 certificate and private key.

I’m getting WICED linking errors:
/Users/mat1/dev/spark/photon-wiced/WICED/network/LwIP/WICED/tcpip.c:877: undefined reference to wiced_tls_init_advanced_context' /Users/mat1/dev/spark/photon-wiced/WICED/network/LwIP/WICED/tcpip.c:879: undefined reference towiced_tcp_enable_tls’
/Users/mat1/dev/spark/photon-wiced/WICED/network/LwIP/WICED/tcpip.c:884: undefined reference to `wiced_tcp_enable_tls’

I suppose these function are not compiled into the WICED library in the photon repo, and I will experiment with building from the WICED SDK. Is anybody else running a secure web server? Are there any other hurdles I’ve overlooked?

Note: I am building off relatively older system firmware 0.5.2.

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