HttpClient Library with digistump Oak

Now that programs seem to complile for the Digistump Oak in the particle IDE without bricking them :smiley: , I am trying to use the HttpClient library and I get the following error.

/workspace/oak_blink_test.ino:2:25: fatal error: application.h: No such file or directory
#include “application.h”

I get this error if I include just “application.h” by itself and when I include “HttpClient.h” by itself or together with "application.h. I’m assuming this is so because HttpClient calls application.h and application.h isn’t appropriate for the Oak.

Is this because this library isn’t ready for the Oak or is there something else I’m missing and/or should be using?

Lastly, is this the right place to post this question or does this belong on the digistump forum?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I think it’s happening because the Digistump Oak uses a different compiler backend to the Particle boards, and doesn’t come with the HttpClient library as standard anyway. Basically, if you weren’t able do it on the Arduino IDE, it probably won’t work with Particle Build. But there is still an issue of libraries - outside of some of the core libraries (the ESP8266 ones), none of the other libraries are included / available on Particle.

Thanks for getting back.

Since most of my fun is with the Core, Photon, Electron and Redbear Duos, I haven’t had a need to play around too much with the Arduino IDE, Nano only. I purchased a few Oaks because they were supposed to play nicely with the particle IDE. Well at least now they play but only marginally so. :no_mouth:

In the long run I’m assuming this means that libraries need to be created / ported if we want to use them in the particle IDE with the Oak, because I don’t see much use writing code in the particle IDE for the Oak if you can’t use libraries. Am I reading this correctly?

As things stand at the moment, I believe that this is indeed the case. Outside of the core ESP8266 libraries, and (and I think the I2C Wire library?) AFAIK you can’t import any other libraries, as the docker compiler image can’t see them. And you won’t be able to use a lot of the Photon/Core/Electron libraries without them being ported to the Oak anyway. So yes, if you can’t use the libraries that are bundled atm, forget about using Particle Build. But at least we’ve progress from no support, and are also past the ‘one-click-to-brick’ stage. So progress is being made! :smile: