How to use 3 serial ports at a time?

Hi All,

I have a project that need to talk with BLE, GPS and a control device and all of them use Serial communication.
I was able to use Serial on TX/RX, Serial4 on C2/C3. However I still need another one to talk with.
I tried to use Serial2 but I found it need RGB led being removed.
ParticleSoftSerial I found from here seems not working either.

And I found this article.

Do you think adding a dedicated chip is only solution at this time? What else I can try?

Have you tried the other interfaces mentioned in the docs?

On what pins did you use it with what baudrate?

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Hi @ScruffR,
Oh I didn’t know Serial5 is available on C1, C0 pins.
I just tested it and it works!
Thank you for your advice.