How to trigger the "signal" of the RGB-LED via the OS with curl

i am looking for a way with curl to trigger the RGB-LED on my Photon
in the same way as i can do it from the Build-webpage ""
when i go to Device an klick the “signal” Button.

Does anyone know howto get to this built-in function of the Photon-OS.

I am not looking for a solution in firmware (I can do this on my own),
i am looking for a way to get access to this OS-Function with a more or less
simple curl command.

THX for help :slight_smile:

Reading the docs never hurt anyone :wink:

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YO, thats it!
Thanks for the hint :smile:
I spent hours in the documentation, but didnt see it.
Like always, you dont see the stuff right in front of you.

nice :grin:

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