How to set the stm32 clock lower


I would like to lower down the clock freq of the mcu stm32F205 on E series Electron.
Is there any reference to this or any code example ?

Thank you

It is possible, but unsupported. Features could break doing this, so it’s not recommended.

You can access the RCC configuration registers from user firmware, and also access the STM32F2xx standard peripheral library, which is often easier than directly accessing the registers.

You will probably want to make sure you’re not using things like I2C, SPI, and USB when switching clock speeds.

And of course you’ll need to dig deep into the STM32F205 data sheet, STM32F2xx standard library documentation, and probably look for examples online. It’s not a Particle-specific thing, it’s just a STM32F2xx thing.

Thank you @rickkas7 !

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