How to send variable API requests thru ONE webhook?

I want to use to calculate altitude, azimuth of the sun and also some weather condidtions pending on Latitude/longtude since wolfram is very, very flexible. You can also solve equatations, ask for stock values, the 5th president of the U.S., the average temperature of last week,…

for example (APPiD changed)
sends back the altitude of the sun at 11:00UTC at this location:
45 degrees 8 arc minutes 48 arc seconds
(You can send any request with input= as long as the appid= is valid, there are 2000 requests/month free).
How can I manage to send the APPID= and the INPUT= portion from different cores with different values thru ONE webhok, making only the sending Core/Photon the receiver?
Many Thanks in advance.
Interested in wolfram? watch the web results for the above sample w/o AppID, or test your own input with: