How to push data into particle electron from web service or other?

i need to change some variables from web application or app so that it reflect into electron and run accordingly to that variable setting…
how can it be done?
and i don’t to use Particle.function() for this…cause is number of variables can be more
any sample code for this type is available?

Particle functions are generally what you’d use for this. What’s wrong with them specifically? Alternatively, you could use subscriptions.


here in this link mentioned as "Up to 15 cloud functions may be registered "

if it is for per user…

may be my electrons will be more number than 15, i need every electron board has particle function so i could not use this function

You can multiplex functions (one function can deal with all your variables) and 15 is per device.


thanks for reply

in the same page it is mentioned


“cloud function is set up to take one argument of the String datatype”

how could one argument can change value of my all variables (10 to 15 variables used in one application)
shall i parse the argument in application code to get all values of variables

@viraj, if, for example, the String is in JSON format, you could easily pass a number of variables. Or, simply pass each value in a comma delimited format. Then, in the Particle.function() you simply parse the JSON or comma delimited string to get your values! Once command, multiple values. If you search the forum for “particle.function parse”, you will find some examples. :wink:


Exactly. Guess how many different words, sentences or numeric values you can express via a 63 character string.


done with the Particle function, got exactly what i was expecting…
thanks for all of you…
Particle Community is always helpful