How to make crypto lib available for user?

I am trying to use mbedTLS from MQTT-TLS on Xenon, but without luck. I was trying to connect to Google IoT Core via MQTT, but generating JWT is problem. When I finally manage to compile code, my code stucked into function:


( this could related to bad config etc.).
After some fights, a I think why can not we use mbedTLS lib? Lib is ported inside firmware, and as I assume ported well to all platforms. This will use less memory for binary and, we don't have to think about config.h file and other stuff related to it.
So my question is... How we can use crypto lib in user application? It is possible?

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Hi @Toyokomi

How are building your firmware for the Xenon? Local gcc build with the monolithic switch?

See this thread for details about why it is not easy to just link to the crypto libraries:

I am building with Workbench. And building with gcc using makefiles. Yes I agree with some points. That way allows us to use less memory. I did not find explicit tutorial for building system.