How to keep 3G modem on and save power at the same time?

What is the best way to keep the Electron 3G modem on listening to incoming messages from the cloud and save power at the same time? Or is that even possible?

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I don’t think there is a low power mode for the Electron but I do know you can turn off the LED if you wanted to reduce that constant power draw.


What else can I turn off to save power besides LED? Or can 3G cellular modem wake up everybody? Or can Electron run in a lower power mode and quickly resume once there is a message coming in to the 3G cellular modem?

There should be a way, but I’m not yet sure how it works.
… investigating …

Does anyone know where there is documentation on the lowest low power mode?

My device is very much like a smoke detector… idle indefinitely, but needs to work in an emergency.

In normal operation mode I’d like to send the battery status weekly, other than that sleep.

(Electron 3G Asset Tracker)

Specifically, if the firmware loop only tracks time with a delay() and only wakes-up the rest of the tracker as needed (weekly), is that all I need to do?

I also need to check for a switch on condition in each loop, in which case the whole thing comes on and battery life is no longer a concern (warning device)

Or is there an actual low power mode setting that I have to manage in the firmware, and if so how?

This is a good thread on the Electron and different power modes.

The new LTE Mesh Boron device has lower power consumption than the Electron so you may want to investigate that unit if you want even lower power draw than the Electron provides.

And this doesn’t answer the most recent question, but it does answer the original poster:

Yes, it’s possible to enter stop mode sleep (pin + time) and keep the cellular modem connected and wake up when data is sent from the cloud.

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Do you think this will be easily doable with the new Boron also?

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