How to interface with CN0398(Analog Devices) through SPI and publish values to cloud?

I am trying to connect my particle photon to Analog Devices CN0398 hardware through SPI interfacing. If I try to connect my photon device, I can view my values through serial monitor. But,I want my values to be displayed in cloud.
I am using CN0398 to get the soil moisture, PH values. This is my 1st interfacing project using photon.

Original connection using Arduino baseboard,
about the arduino base board,

Instead of using arduino base board, I am trying to connect the CN0398 to particle photon

CN0398 connection with Arduino base board(ADICUP360)

library codes,

So your actual question is about how to publish your data rather than interfacing with the sensors, since you state that is already working, right?

Actually, I did my SPI interfacing with simple RTC chip and I viewed my output using serial monitor. Currently I am trying to perform the same SPI protocol in this device.