How to get list of access tokens for a customer using GET & Postman?

I am wondering if someone can help me with the exact form of the GET request to check the existing particle access tokens. This is the command I use for generating a new particle token:

curl -u clientID:password -d grant_type=client_credentials -d

Using postman, I sent a GET request to ‘’ using basic auth with my clientId and password, but I get an error. Do I need any additional headers to see the access tokens using this method? Where would I add the scope=customer=email parameter for example? Thanks!

You can do:

curl -u emailAddress:password 

@kennethlimcp that endpoint doesn’t work for Customers does it? What would the password even be in a 2-legged auth situation.

@kennethlimcp @mebrunet I don’t think that would nor should work for customers, but I can’t get it to work for Product owners either:

curl  -u

simply returns a ridiculously vague error:


Any fixes/suggestions welcomed. I’m sure the userid:password combo is valid. However, I have not yet added any customers (this exercise is to explore how that works using the command line before coding) and the only access tokens that exist relate to web apps and mobile apps ability to create customers.