How to flash .h and .cpp files to a device?

I was able to bring in your saved files. Thanks for the link. I am still getting "undefined reference to “wlan_select_antenna” when i verify. This is so strange. It was working… Grrr…

Are you sure you are targeting a Photon and have set the build target to 0.6.3?

Yes, it is showing the Photon connected. I am set to build 0.6.3.

can u see if it that link will compile for you? This is bizarre.

You have not selected the Photon as target - it needs to have the yellow star activated to actually become the desired target.


That was it!!! I thought if i was connected to it (i was flashing the lights) that is all i needed to to do. Good catch! i owe you lunch … thanks again!

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Then how would it know which device to flash :wink: ?

Very true… now i know that method! I was able to flash 3 of the modules! Strange thing, it does not like my work laptop for some reason. They may have some jacked up USB drivers they are using on the image. Again, i really appreciate the help! This community is really great!


You may want to ready the changelog for v1.0.0 (which your screen capture shows is currently on the device).

or specifically:

Note: Downgrading [Electron/Photon/P1] OTA or YModem transfer:
If you need to downgrade, you must downgrade to 0.7.0 and then 0.6.3(Photon/P1), 0.6.4(Electron) to ensure that the bootloader downgrades automatically. When downgrading to older versions, downgrade to 0.7.0 first, then 0.6.3(Photon/P1), 0.6.4(Electron), then to an older version such as 0.5.5.

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The problem is not the installed device OS version but the build target.
You can run applications that are targeted at previous versions, so that’s not the issue.
The issue is that the respective commands where made “private” in versions following 0.6.3 so you can’t access them in code anymore, but they are still present to be called (when your code has the privilege).

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