How to do POST to HTTPS URL from particle?

Using HTTP client library, I am able to do a HTTP POST to a HTTP endpoint. However, POST to HTTPS is not working. Is there a HTTPS client library which I can use or is there a way to do POST to HTTPS url using HTTP client?


A search here turns up lots of stuff:


I went through the posts and ended up at library. But the didn’t choose it due to the following reason:

One thing to point out; this uses matrixSSL, which is GPL licensed. This means that any project using this library MUST be open sourced under the GPL license as well

I didn’t find any other source to use or an example demonstrating a HTTPS POST. The search indeed turned up a lot of stuff but it wasn’t relevant to what I was looking for!


The easiest way to satisfy this is using the Particle Cloud and a webhook. No problem to do an HTTPS POST using that.

I think this thread below represents the best work so far on direct HTTPS but it is tuned for AWS and has been tested for HTTPS GET.

Ironically, the reason I want to do a HTTPS POST is to bypass Particle cloud and webhook setup. :grinning: