How to do I use a Photon with a Force Sensing Resistor

I just bought a force sensing resistor, and would like to get notification from the force sensing resistor. What would be the steps for setting that up?

Adafruit seems to have a nice guide on these, check it out. Here’s another tutorial linked to by the Sparkfun folks.


Nice, I should have thought to go to arduino for testing. I’ll see if I can add a photon notification with that.

Not really for testing. The setup is just very similar. What’s true for the Arduino is true for the Photon as well, though you have to consider some different values (analogRead resolution).
It’s basically a voltage divider, so that should be valid on any system.

You could also see my coffee pot tutorial here in the forum:


@bko That’s a great tutorial! I’ve been playing with trying to adapt the Photoresistor + Publish sketch that’s in the generic library to accommodate an FSR, and this is much more elegant than what I could come up with.

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Thank you for all the post. What I went with was actually a flex sensor, I hope they have a little more control o sensitivity versus a Force Sensitive resistor. If anyone has any information about this, please forward it along