How to access WiFi object from a class in .cpp file?

This might be a noob question, but how can I call WiFi.ready() from .cpp file?
In general, how can I access Spark objects from the .cpp classes?

I believe the WiFi class is a global so you shouldn’t need anything special aside from perhaps a #include <application.h> maybe

What should I include to find WiFi class?

More specifically this is the situation

file: main.ino

#include "test.h"

file: test.h

class Test {
  Test() { WiFi.ready(); }    // WiFi not recognized as a symbol.

I got it. I Googled and added “application.h” and it now works. :wink:
This wasn’t clear from the document.

Wow, Sorry I made you do that. I meant to add #include “application.h” but apparently completely skipped the filename. My mistake. Sorry!