How reliable is particle electron for an industrial IoT application?

I want to use an IoT device for an industrial (manufacturing plant) application. Any other device?

Why wouldn’t it be? How suitable an Electron is vs other solutions will depend on what you want to use it for and if the Particle platform does what you want it to, there are any number of IoT solutions out there from various vendors. Some tied to a cloud platform, some are not much more than blocks of code you can use to build your own solution, some will essentially be a full computer and others are embedded devices like the Electron with limited resources, others still with run your application in a Java machine. Some will have hardware, some won’t have much more than a devkit and some design advice. Some hardware/software may be “hardened” for resilience and stability, arguably the Electron is not, so perhaps monitor an industrial process/line - yes, run a nuclear power plant - no.


@jonamleonel, maybe stating your concerns and what specifications you are looking for will be good.

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We want to monitor the temperature of industrial refrigerators without interruption for over 6 months.

If you have WiFi available in there the Photon’s will require less downtime vs cellular.

The Electron will sometimes lose connectivity and seems to have more network downtime sometimes due to the nature of cellular networks.

If you can set up a good WiFi router in the place you will have less issues with the Photons. The only downtime you should see is when your internet provider loses it’s connection to the internet. My Photons easily and always reconnect to WiFi networks without any trouble.

You would need to add external antennas to the Photons for best performance.

Pair those with and you should be able to do anything you can dream up over there with nice web dashboards to visualize all your data along with email and sms notifications.

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