How many G-Forces can the Particle Photon Handle?

I am working with some people on a rocket project and we measured the g forces that the rocket produces and it was about 10 g-forces. Can the Photon handle that kind of acceleration?

I’d say 10g isn’t that much for the Photon.
No moving parts, nothing really fragile. Judging by the ratings for harddrives (with moving parts) 40g should still not pose a problem.
I’d be more concerned about vibration if you had any non-solder connections (e.g. uFL antenna or breadboard).

Dropping it on the floor will most likely create larger G-forces than that, in the hundreds. It depends on duration and direction as well.
My best suggestion is: try it.

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We haven’t really G tested the Photon but it should be able to handle those accelerations and like @ScruffR pointed out, I’ll be more concerned about the connections.

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Just as anecdote: the one worn by one of my Jackapoos nailed the doorframe flat-out. The sensor pegged at 18 g-units (its max), and both she and it kept right on going. It did dislodge the microSD card I had in there, but I didn’t have any hot glue on that at the time. I imagine it was a LOT more than 18 instantaneous G since she was flat-out at 20+mph.


I just want to chime in and say that this is an awesome question and topic-- +1 for Photons on rockets!

And JackAPoos! :stuck_out_tongue:

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