How many devices can you handle with node.js library

How many concurrent requests can be handled on subscription event with node.js ParticleJS library.

Did someone try its limits?

I haven’t used the ParticleJS library directly, but I have half a dozen or more devices publishing every few seconds. It’s pretty lightweight, so I imagine you could easily run hundreds or thousands of devices or events concurrently, at least from a client perspective.

For the most part, I think a lot of it may come down to bandwidth and latency between the Particle cloud and wherever your listener is. And if you’re looking to really hammer the cloud resources, you might want to reach out to the Particle team to see about getting some sort of paid priority or dedicate cloud resources!

We are using getEventStream and we would like to know if it will handle 1000+ devices or we need to redesign the way how to handle incoming data.

The problem which we have that we don’t know how to test it.

How about subscribing to the event firehose?[yourAccessToken]

Thank you ScruffR for the suggestion.

We would like to do something like this:

I think there shouldn’t be a big difference between pure SSE and getEventStream() implementation

Still will appreciate if someone have already done something similar to give an advice.