How long is a trigger (publish) available to be consumed?

I have one system that will send a trigger to the Particle cloud.
I have a second system that will consume that trigger and do something else however my second system sleeps most of the time (15 minutes at a time). How long will the trigger from my first system be available on the Particle cloud for my second system to consume it?

Alternately, do I have to store the trigger state in Google cloud and then retrieve it with the second system when it wakes up?

At the moment, the Particle cloud doesn’t retain anything, so your event will be lost unless consumed immediately. Storing/retrievong it elsewhere is one of the options. You could also use a publish/subscribe mechanism to request data from the first photon instead(?)

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I like your second suggestion of having system 2 request info when it wakes up. I’ll publish a wakeup announcement that system 1 can subscribe to and send info back to system 2.