How do I access values from published json within PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE?

I’m currently trying to pull values out of a publish and send them off as individual fields in a post request to a hosted node.js/express server on Heroku. I’m currently publishing the values from the photon in a json format and want to parse them out like such the bottom image.

Particle.publish("addReading", String::format("{\"currentTime\":%d, \"strokesSinceLastPublish\":%d, \"rideId\": %d}", curTime, passes, rideId));


@JosephCW Welcome to the Particle Community.

The simple answer is start with the default button in Form Fields to press the Add Row button for each of your variables like this currentTime > {{{currentTime}}}.

I suggest you search the forum for webhooks and look again at the many tutorials and examples - I did. The initial setup can be a bit fiddly but once it is there it just works.