How can I use a camera with my spark(for images)?

Does anybody know if it is possible to use this with my spark core?

(I recommend using Google chrome to translate the page into English )

'n Just want to capture a picture by PIR motion sensor , or at a specific time when i press a button ?Is it possible? And How? Would it be to hard do use?

I would also like to do this.

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Sparkfun and Adafruit both sell cameras that are similar if not identical to one you are pointing to. Adafruit has one in a weather-tight enclosure that looks nice too.

The only real block to getting this working today, is that the work on the Serial1 ring buffer has not been finished yet. If serial IO was working at speed, then you could easily read in the compressed jpeg pictures and send it somewhere on the net. Where and how you send it would need to be worked out given that the core does not support HTTPS TLS/SSL connections.

I posted this elsewhere, but I thought I should chime in. @satishgn implemented a ring buffer / interrupt system for the Serial classes, so it’s on master if people wanted to test. We’ll fold it into the stable branch when we’ve tested it more. (Commit is here: )



@Dave Does that mean we can use Serial Cameras if we work with that code?

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@Dave looks very nice! I left some feedback on the Pull Request…

@RWB yes theoretically you should be able to receive all of your data now without missing anything, as long as you process the 64 byte buffer fast enough so that it doesn’t wrap onto itself. You would have to take a pic and hard loop reading the data and shuffling it to RAM, or directly to the web if that’s fast enough… not sure. One of my comments asks for a way to dynamically set the buffer size, so you could potentially size it for your images… however that’s probably a pipe dream and too much data anyway for RAM.

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You should read the whole Adafruit tutorial on this camera and in particular the FAQ at:

It says that (1) you should not try to change the baud rate from the default of 38400 or you risk bricking the thing and (2) that it is not fast and can take up to 30 second to transfer one image.

I like to buy from Adafruit because of the high value they return to community.

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Do you or anybody think it is possible to capture a pic and upload to Google drive directly? or Google+ photos?

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Yes, I think this is going to work. See this thread on using Google Apps Scripts to do things like this:

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