How can I trigger the Boron to start charging the LiPo battery from the power bank?

I have a Boron that is connected to a LiPo battery. I’ve noticed that if I connect a power bank to it, it charges the LiPo to 100% and then it stops (which seems normal). But then unless I reconnect the power bank, the device keeps running off of the LiPo until it dies.
Could someone tell me if there is a way to trigger the device to start recharging itself from the power bank when it reaches a certain percentage, say 30%?
To get the current percentage, I’m guessing I can use the ‘batteryCharge()’ method, but I can’t seem to find a method for forcing the device to start charging.

This is more likely a “feature” of your power bank which goes into standby once the current draw falls bellow a certain limit and the subsequent increase of power for “trickle charge” doesn’t exceed the wake threshold of the power bank.

You could try to cause a “surge” in demand of the Boron - e.g. via System.reset() or via a switchable load.


I think this should work. I’ll create something that triggers a check every day at 12am to see if the battery is less than 50%. If so, do a reset and hopefully it’ll start charging. Thanks!

Another way out could be to get a different power bank without the auto shut-off feature this one may have on low consumption.

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