How can I print a uint32_t {aka long unsigned int} with snprintf?

I’m currently using something like:

  uint32_t XTalkCompensationRateMegaCps;
  // A function writes a uint32_t value to this pointer

  // Later I try to print it
  char str[20];
  snprintf(str, sizeof(str), "%ld", XTalkCompensationRateMegaCps);;

Is this correct?

@nrobinson2000, since you are specifying an unsigned long, you would use %lu instead of %ld :wink:

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Ok thanks. Trying that now.

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BTW, if this is just for logging and str isn’t used otherwise, this would work too"%lu", XTalkCompensationRateMegaCps);

And what if I wanted to particle.publish it?

@nrobinson2000, then keep the snprintf() and str so you can publish it.