How can i get alerts when my webhook is failing at a high rate?

I’d like to get some kind of notification from particle when a webhook is failing. the backstory is that i’m troubleshooting an azure function that the webhook calls into. every once in a while it starts throwing 500s. if i look at particle at the webhook, i see the errors. it’d be nice if i could have particle send me an email or something as an alert that it is seeing failures.

is this possible?

There is no way to get a notification from Particle when this occurs.

However, if you fetch the webhook via the Particle API, it includes the success and error counts that are in the edit integration page, so you could use that to determine if there are errors occurring.

could this be a feature request? having an alert sent by particle, whether via email and/or text, would be of huge value. you obviously have the information, since it’s on the integration page. adding an alert feature would save devs using your platform from having to build their own.


@johnwest80 ,

@rickkas7 is right about no automated answer from Particle but you can add a notification approach in your code. When you send a webhook, you can subscribe to the response. If a response is not received, you can trigger an alert which can be sent to your back-end service. This process works well for me so I can see what webhooks are failing and when. This system gives me a good sense of the health of my deployed devices.

If are interested, I could post come code snippets to show how this works.




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