HMI + Photon. Which one HMI? Wifi off?

Recommendations for a good HMI for Industrial IoT + Photon?

I want to monitor production. Another question is:

Can I monitor production even when the wifi wen out???

4DSystems have good smart displays.

As long you have some other means of communication (e.g. wired).

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I mean, I am counting production and it is displayed over the HMI and over the web, but what happen when the WiFi is suddenly off, my question is the counting production will be monitoring over the HMI? Because over the web obviously not. I mean I want to be counting even the WiFi went out.

WiFi is an option not a prerequisite on these devices.
You want to have your code cope with sudden/unexpected WiFi outages but the Photon can run entirely offline just as well as online.

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Yeah, that is my concern. I want to have my code cope with sudden/unexpected WiFi outages. , because I am Counting the production over the HMI and over the web, but counting the production over the HMI even when the WiFi went out for a moment.

You asked whether that was possible to do and - if I wasn’t clear enough about it - yes it is possible.


LOL!!! how can I do it?

There are plenty of threads that can be found with the search terms "run without internet".
What goes without internet goes just as well without WiFi.

One of the more recent results would be this


Thank you