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This is going to sound really nit-picky, but adding that many Strings together when a char array and a single snprintf would work hurts my eyes a little. :wink:

String::format would work as well, I think.


Getting off topic, back to the Mesh Networks, I have been out of the loop for about 6 weeks.

  1. Has there been any update on the ability for developers to use multiple Argons in one network (HA = High Availability Networks)? Anyone want to comment on this? Are they working yet? Where are we at with these, has anyone made an HA as an example?

  2. Has anyone been able to get a few Argon’s working with OpenThread? Until the HA networks are perfected, I really think OpenThread is a viable option (Not an easy option, working with Openthread is a huge pain, but definitely something to use our hardware on.)


No and No.


I would perhaps be good to split this off into a separate thread… I’ve been thinking about this issue as well 'cause I want more flexibility than Particle is interested in offering and I don’t care for their cloud service.

Aside from ranting :slight_smile: my plan is to hack the firmware so I can set-up an argon or boron as if it were a xenon, while retaining some internet-facing (wifi/cell) code, so it can make outbound connections. Then a mesh would have a primary gateway which the Particle cloud would see and it would have some number of “secondary gateways” that happen to have Mesh and internet connectivity. I would then do internet communication by running a gatewaying app on the primary and secondary gateways. I’m mostly interested in MQTT, so I would most likely gateway the Mesh pub/sub with MQTT pub/sub somehow.

Anyway, aside from ranting this is mostly just a plan at this stage, although I have started to hack the firmware, so it’s not a black box anymore.


So this is fun. I am in my planned 2:00pm zoom.us meeting with @will having never used video conferencing before, in what looks correct http://zoom.us/my/willhart

The meeting room says 847-609-4563, but no Will. Since I can’t find a 1-800 number, not much I can do except look at the really messy whiteboard behind me for another 10 minutes.


Anyone like the animation :smiley:

So I asked my Google iHome Mini cell phone app what the 1-800 number for Particle in San Francisco was and somehow a note popped up that I had an email about it on my personal account.

Wow, Google and the Nest products are really impressive. The meeting was cancelled at noon today.