Help with Webhook Response Template

I just made a Webhook that’s returning an enormous amount of JSON data (6,000+ lines) and my searching about how to deal with this suggests I need to use a response template. I’m just not sure how to do this, even after trying to grasp some of the posted tutorials.

Here’s the full response. All I want is the value of “ValueInt” on line 5745 (i.e. the number of “Wins” in the “agg” region, in the “2017-pre3” season, in “squad” matches.). Can anyone help me figure out what the proper response template is? I’m fine using strtok() if necessary… I just need to get the JSON down to a manageable string.

I finally figured it out thanks to this Intermediate Tutorial and the Mustache Tester it uses.


I’m stuck again! Been spinning my wheels for hours and hoping someone can help. What is the proper webhook response template to isolate just the “1b. price (USD)” fields? The JSON I’d eventually process would contain 100 entries, though I’d only need to grab the first 16.

    "Meta Data": {
        "1. Information": "Intraday Prices and Volumes for Digital Currency",
        "2. Digital Currency Code": "BTC",
        "3. Digital Currency Name": "Bitcoin",
        "4. Market Code": "EUR",
        "5. Market Name": "Euro",
        "6. Interval": "5min",
        "7. Last Refreshed": "2018-02-11 22:35:00",
        "8. Time Zone": "UTC"
    "Time Series (Digital Currency Intraday)": {
        "2018-02-11 22:35:00": {
            "1a. price (EUR)": "6785.92215262",
            "1b. price (USD)": "8312.41382799",
            "2. volume": "25159.15235095",
            "3. market cap (USD)": "209133285.90267000"
        "2018-02-11 22:30:00": {
            "1a. price (EUR)": "6772.91978662",
            "1b. price (USD)": "8296.34430619",
            "2. volume": "25249.65526807",
            "3. market cap (USD)": "209479833.71654999"
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Once again, it appears posting here is all the motivation I needed to solve it. Here’s the proper string to get the first USD value:

{{[Time Series (Digital Currency Intraday)].[2018-02-11 22:35:00].[1b. price (USD)]}}

Had to use square brackets due to the spaces and periods. Now, my question is can I get that entry without knowing the date field? I need a generic response template that works with any dates. Does the fact that they are not presented in an array make this impossible?

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Mustache Tester is the bomb-diggity!! Saved my bacon, that’s for sure. Thanks Rikkas7 !

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