Help with particle workbench on code-server ( vscode )


I just setup vscode server on kubernetes. However, it doesn’t have particle workbench extension since it’s not connected to the vscode marketplace. I had to install it manually using the vsix file (1.4.2)

The install went well but i don’t see any particle commands in the vscode command palette. I tried reinstalling it but no dice. Anyone using code-server and manually installed the workbench extension successfully? Could use some help to get it up and running. Thx.

Did you install all the required extensions?


As an alternative solution, you can install neopo, which will give you most of the functionality of Particle Workbench through the terminal.

@nrobinson2000 I didn’t install the other extensions. I assumed the pack came bundled with all the other particle ones. That did it for me. Thanks!

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