Help with Particle Argon and Sam-M8Q GPS Module

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I am trying to create a gps module that displays your coordinates on OLED when a button is pressed. I am following this tutorial. Displaying Your Coordinates with a GPS Module - SparkFun Learn

I have the oled connected to SCL, SDA, -, +, and to a QWIIC wire. The Sam-M8Q is then connected to the OLED via QWIIC to QWIIC. I was following the tutorial and made the necessary changes from GPS to GNSS. The project worked for 1 day and was displaying the correct coordinates but now it just displays 0, 0 for the long and lat. Are these 2 not compatible? I am completly new to this sensor so I am unfamiliar and need to have this project completed by Friday. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

If it worked before, the most common reason why any GNSS unit is reporting 0,0 is that it doesn't have a satellite fix. The easiest way to prove that is to take it outside and see if that helps.

Beyond that, there's probably a debugging mode where it can output information to the debugging serial. The NEMA sentences from the GNSS typically show information like the number of satellites it can see and whether it has a fix yet.

Thank you! I did take it outside and retried but still kept reading 0,0. I also wanted to connect the MMC5983MA (Qwiic) to create a digital compass. After my M8Q initially worked, I connected the MMC5983MA to it via QWIIC and flashed it without cutting the pull up resistor on it. I later found out if you daisy chain these components you need to cut one of the pull resistors otherwise it can cause data glitches. I ended up removing the MMC5983MA and any related code or libraries and the next day I began getting 0,0. I also tried creating a brand new project and using the initial code and libraries that worked with only the OLED and M8Q but still reads 0,0. Anything else I can attempt? I am currently trying to use AssetTracker as stated in this forum: Help creating a code for a GPS tracker using Argon

Ultimately I just need my GNSS to be able to print my current coordinates at the push of a button. Not sure if there are any other libraries I can try.

Any additional help would be appreciated

Hey rickkas7,
Any other recommendations?

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I would probably use an I2C scanner to make sure the chip is visible on the I2C bus.

If it is, then check the documentation for the library you are using to see if you can enable debugging logs for it, and see if those provide any information.

Also check to see if the library is returning any errors during initialization of the GNSS.

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