Help on connecting stepper motor

Can someone help on connecting stepper motor to spark core.
I have this motor (bipolar)

I have connected to Gree/Blue to D0 / D1
And Red to 3.3 and ground black.

installed the Stepper Library Here is my code (simple) i tried different parameters the motor seems to be working
But actually do not do nothing.:

#include "Stepper.h"
#include "math.h"

#define STEPS 200
#define ADCwidth 12
#define ADCsteps pow(2, ADCwidth)
#define maxSpeed 256 //RPM (for test, using max LED value 255)

Stepper stepper1(STEPS, D0, D1, D2, D3);

void setup() {

void loop() {

Your code suggest you connect all four wires to four GPIO pins (D0~D3) and none to 3V3 or GND.
But I’m pretty sure the GPIO pins won’t be able to source/sink enough current for that stepper directly.
They are rated as max 25mA per pin (120mA over all pins at one given time).

This stepper is rated at 2A per phase!

@ScruffR is correct, you don’t want to try to drive this stepper using a microcontroller alone. You’ll want to use something like this product which is a called a stepper driver. It’s built to handle the high drive currents of steppers.

Thank you .