Help novice with photon

The server is not local so i need to send the photon (2) information through internet.
The software that I am going to use on the server: node js and mongodb as a database
That is the practical example that I am looking for, the configuration of the webhook and the api to carry out this process, with this configuration.

That. That’s the exact information we needed approximately 20 posts ago :wink:

That’s a bit out of the realm of this community I think. It doesn’t really relate to Particle, and better assistance for setting that up can be found elsewhere. Not trying to push you away, but this part of the puzzle isn’t within the general area of focus here, and expertise is less likely to be found here than on dedicated forums/tutorials. With that said, you’re looking for a RESTful API that can preferably take JSON data as input (though the latter isn’t as strict if you’re programming the server side anyhow). There are quite a few good tutorials out there on setting up a server like that using Express for the routing.

That is something we can help with once you can tell us more about the endpoints you’ve set up as mentioned above :slight_smile:


You win, I’m just kidding… It’s funny, 20 post back I did not know I was going to choose node js and mongodb !!

that info you have it in almost all the links provided as examples.

Perhaps, one example you could find in the link posted by @ScruffR some posts ago:


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Thanks Gustavo, I think it’s time to end this post, from my side. Thanks to everyone who took time to respond.

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I hope you don’t take the things said above as a sign of reluctance to help from our side.
It’s just that we see too many open questions to actually provide a conclusive answer to your request.

With the provided information we can only give pointers and hints or would need to come up with a fully working solution from start to finish, which either of us could come up with, but that might not be what you actually need/want, can’t be taken as a “best practice” implementation due to the multitude of equally good solutions and a request for a full fledged solution, most of us would see as contract work - after all, noone who answered in this thread so far works for Particle, we just donate our free time to the community.


Hi Oscar, I’ve found this link today in case you are interested in it.


I am going to check it.

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