Help needed using Input Capture on Boron GPIO

  1. Purpose: I need to use Input Capture natively on a Boron to eliminate a separate Teensy MCU I am currently using to do this, using Paul Stoffregen’s FreqMeasureMulti library (link)

  2. Reason: I need to get the exact latency-free nanosecond of digital GPIO pulses. Using a regular software ISR and calling micros() is NOT sufficient. Missing or incorrectly sampling one pulse out of 1,000,000 is not acceptable.

  3. Solution: Fortunately, this is POSSIBLE on Boron according to Page 421 here:

  4. PROBLEM: I do not have the intelligence to cogitate the complex PDF’s rehearsal of registers and translate that into usable code, similar to the FreqMeasureMulti library, where I can setup Input Capture on a GPIO digital pin and check a buffer at various intervals to receive the instantaneously timestamped pulses.

Has anyone done this, or could anyone share some knowledge/code on this topic?

Thank you.

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