Hashing in firmware ( Particle Photon )

Hello, just getting my feet wet with a Photon and having trouble locating built in hashing functions for the device itself. Not finding any docs or reference material on the subject.

I’m looking for a quick hash function like SHA1 or MD5. Are these available natively?

Hi. The Particle firmware does not have built in functions for hashing. You can search the web and find C or C++ many implementations. For what purpose do you need hashing?

I am looking to get a mobile phone notification from the photon and to minimize complexity I would like to bypass the particle cloud all together and use an api on a cheap vps I have. I will not be using tls so for authentication it will have a header that contains a hash of the payload and a secret key. On the server end if the hash doesnt match the hash it creates from the payload and the secret key the connection is dropped. Not really looking for a super secure hashing function. Something simple like SHA1 or MD5 even would be good enough.

Ok, makes sense. I found this https://github.com/clibs/sha1 but there are many others.