[hal.ble] ERROR: sd_ble_gatts_hvx() failed: 8 -> what does it mean?

I’m sending data from firmware on DeviceOS 3.3.0 to an iOS mobile app.

This is how the BLE characteristic is defined:

constexpr char serviceUUID[] = "b4ad5b8d-d2db-44d6-9d35-5d43b9e50321";
constexpr char readUUID[] = "226285d5-7a5a-448d-8317-dae1fd2d6c36";

    txCharacteristic = new BleCharacteristic("txapp", BleCharacteristicProperty::NOTIFY, readUUID, serviceUUID);

This is how the data is sent:

void MyLib::sendInfoToMobileApp(const char *info)

    int len = snprintf(pushToAppBuffer, 236, info);

    // log to console
    MyLog.info("Sending to mobile app:");

    txCharacteristic->setValue((uint8_t *)pushToAppBuffer, len);

However, some 15 seconds after the connection succeeds and the Argon is sending data normally, the connection breaks and I see this:

           [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: Sending to mobile app:
0000026926 [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: {"1234567890"}
0000026927 [hal.ble] ERROR: sd_ble_gatts_hvx() failed: 8
0000026929 [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: Sending to mobile app:
0000026929 [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: {"1234567890"}
0000026930 [hal.ble] ERROR: sd_ble_gatts_hvx() failed: 8
0000026931 [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: Sending to mobile app:
0000026931 [app.ble_my_lib] INFO: {"1234567890"}
0000026932 [hal.ble] ERROR: sd_ble_gatts_hvx() failed: 8
0000026955 [app] INFO: **************************************************** Disconnected from mobile app

(I increased logs to TRACE)
0000053025 [wiring.ble] TRACE: Disconnected by remote device.
0000053073 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Disconnected

This seems to only happen only on iOS, and NOT on Android.

What is this error message ERROR: sd_ble_gatts_hvx() failed: 8 trying to tell me?
By looking at the DeviceOS source code, I could not find a table of error codes, and what that 8 means.

I guess the library I’m using on my iOS phone is disconnecting due to something, but I’d like to know why, if at all possible. I could not find any relevant info on the mobile side (yet).

Thank you.

Hey @gusgonnet
I found this:

not sure if it’s exactly what you are looking for but maybe will help.

Hi and thanks.
Yes, I got there once, I’m just not sure if NRF_ERROR_BASE_NUM is zero.

I believe that it’s 0 in line 56 the same lib here ( it’s 0 at least in Hex notation :rofl:)

I’m funny. Thanks very much for the help and the extra pair of eyes.

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