Grove GPS library / example

I have a Boron module with a Grove shield and a few Grove sensors. All are doing just fine, except I added a Grove GPS module today (well, I received it in the mail today…the problem is actually adding it). I see no examples or libraries for Particle in the Grove resources and cannot find any examples using this module with a Particle board. Has anyone had luck with this?

That looks to be a standard serial-connected NEMA GPS unit running at 9600 baud.

I’d start by using the AssetTrackerRK library. The 1-Simple example should work. Just comment out the two lines in setup that manipulate the D6 line as that GPS doesn’t require a separate power control line.

You really don’t need the entire library, you just just the TinyGPS++ part, but at least to start including the whole library is easy and doesn’t really make your code much larger because the linker will remove the unnecessary parts.